The 200 Club

Join The 200 Club – Valuable Prizes to be Won !!

Only 50p per Week  

3 prizes every month

What is The 200 Club?

The 200 Club is small lottery which is run solely to raise funds for Sudbury Tennis Club. As a member of Sudbury Tennis Club, when you join the 200 club you will be allocated a number and this will remain yours as long as you continue in the 200 Club. You can hold as many numbers as you wish (up to the club’s legal maximum) and junior members under 16 can get their parents to represent them if they wish.

How Much Does it Cost?

Each number costs £2 per month (that’s just 50p per week) and can be paid by standing order on a monthly basis. You can also pay by cash or cheque on a quarterly or yearly basis.

What are the Prizes?

50% of all money received will be paid out in prizes. From this prize pool the following prizes will be paid.

1st prize – 50%  2nd prize – 30% and 3rd prize – 20%

That means that if we have all 200 tickets (numbers) in the draw then the prizes will be £100 , £60 and £40. If we have less than 200 numbers in the draw then we will continue to run the draw as long as it is worthwhile, with prizes being paid Pro Rata.

When is the Draw Made?

Normally it is made on the first Sunday of each month, in the presence of the promoter and one other club member. Wherever possible the draw will be made at the club but if that is not possible, due to bad weather or holidays for example, it will be made elsewhere but still in the presence of the promoter and another club member.

Payout of Prizes

Prizes will be paid by cheque and these will be sent out usually within 48 hours of the draw. A list of winners and the winning numbers will be diplayed in the club house.

The 200 Club promoter is Linda Blazey and contact details are available at the club house. Sudbury Tennis Club (200 Club) is registered with Babergh District Council under the Gambling Act 2005.